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Dec 19, 2012 11:00pm PST
se elevaron.... vanessa melgar/estudiante no mas pensaba que estas canciones van alla a los que estan alla en el cielo, alla ya estan con dios, en un mejor lugar todo en un intento por sanar el dolor.... hector medina/asistio al servicio el poder ser comunidad y rezar juntos por esta tragedia crea un sentimiento positivo crea un sentimiento de comunidad, crea un sentimiento de podemos hacer algo juntos 29:41 asi en medio de la incertidumbre que ha dejado esta tragedia, cada cual va encontrando sus propias respuestas. heriberto melgar/asistio al servicio 1:47 me he puesto pensar de que tengo que estar mas con mis ninas dandoles ese carino ese amor que ellas se merecen siempre hay que buscar una salida y hasta los representant es de dios en la tierra, esperan que esa salida la muestre no solo un ser supremo, sino la propia mano del hombre. y la salida yo creo que es buscar la manera de que en el congreso se hagan nuevas leyes con fuerza y con penalidades para restringir la venta de armas de ejercito otra de las reflexiones del arzobispo es que esto nos ensena a vivir cada dia, de una ma
Dec 19, 2012 11:30am PST
we should just pick who and be -- commissioner melgar. >> to me, the single most important thing that you said was that alliance had conducted recent searches in marin, san mateo, san josement i know having those relationships and having a pool of talent in the area is really important. to me that's, like, the single most weighty issue is to have a firm that has recent experience with this and also those established relationships, they've been looking at qualified people in the area. >> looking at this list here, it looks like bob murray's placements have largely been in the central valley, while alliance's has been in the bay area. >> the gentleman that's assigned to this from bob murray is the same gentleman -- pam, correct me -- who was assigned to the last director. i believe that's the same. we checked that on the brochure, right? >> i think bob murray worked directly, but i don't know. >> it's on the brochure there. just, you know, a point i know his background is in police and fbi and this kind of thing but he did do the last search the last time, the same gentleman. an
Dec 19, 2012 12:00pm PST
melgar. >> i'm also glad we're closing in on closing the book on q-matic. i'm wondering, though, i know when we had, we heard testimony from folks that it was an overwhelming thing, everybody really hated it. i'm wondering if there's a way that we could meet those things using technology and how -- and what the, you know, information technology's director feels about that and if it's on her plate or if there's something that she's thought about. it just seems like what bothered me about the whole q-matic chapter is that it's such old technology, right? it's like 18-year-old technology that we're just now implementing last year because of a very long procurement process. there's a way to do this stuff and we're in the heart of silicon valley. we could do better. so i'm wondering if, you know, it's not just between q-matic and paper, there's a whole range of options and if we're considering any of those. >> yeah, indeed i asked my mis manager to look in to see any system existing in this state but right now they say there's nothing can do it right now, maybe in the future, but they s
Dec 19, 2012 10:30pm PST
be on a timeline associated with that ranging all the way up to 2020. >> i agree with commissioner melgar's concern about the low income community, especially our tenant community, a lot of whom are in these buildings. i would suggest that you might outreach to our code enforcement outreach program who are in constant contact with the tenant community in these type of building and i think there are some members of those organizations here. >> great. we've already tried to do a tremendous amount of outreach to that community and if there's any other players involved in san francisco that you think we should be in touch with, i'll be happy to talk to you offline, do that list and do that outreach. >> thank you, and thank you for putting this forward. many of us were involved in the capss discussions over the years and the more you know, the more you realize how urgently this is needed. >> thank you. to that point, one of the things i'm excited about is i'm involved with not only the capss project and the bpr project, i've seen things go through the city where you end up with a very nice-looking r
Dec 18, 2012 6:30pm PST
. president clinch? >> here. >> vice president melgar is excused. commissioner lee? >> here. >> commissioner mar? >> here. >> commissioner mccarthy? >> here. >> commissioner [speaker not understood]? >> present. >> [speaker not understood]. >> present. >> we have a quorum. item number b is the oath. all those persons giving testimony today please stand and raise your right hand? do you swear that the testimony you are about to give is the truth to the best of your knowledge? >>> yes. >> thank you. item number c is approval of the minutes, discussion and possible action to adopt the minutes for the meeting held on september 19th, 2012. >> move to approve. >> second. >> okay. all those in favor? >> aye. >> okay. i'm sorry, do we have any public comment on these minutes? did someone have any public comment on the minutes? okay. the minutes are approved. we can now move on to item d, new appeals, orders of abatement, case no. one is case no. 6765, 118 taylor street. the owner of record is laleh zelinsky revoc, a revocable trust, 172 golden gate avenue. i'd like to remind everyone that the depart
Dec 22, 2012 7:00pm PST
was actually along with commissioner melgar and commissioner walker were talking about. i was wondering about the cost of displacing tenants and businesses. you mentioned loans available to property owners. could the loans take into account the cost of displacing 10 -- tenants and businesses. >> that's a very good question. we haven't brought that up to the lenders, a lot of these are going to be equity-based loans but i think it's an important option because for landlords that can be a tremendous expense. >> first of all my comments, we're extremely lucky that you took this job because it's going to be -- and you're young enough to stay at it and we've met a couple times on the issue and you have kind of brought me up to speed and i think you are the right guy for the right job at the right time and we're lucky to have you and also kind of a shout out to lawrence for his work over the years and putting this together. he's kind of handing it off to you now and i know he's in the background watching, still involved, so he's been a tremendous, a lot of us have a lot of respect for him for a
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)